Supporter holding fundraiser for FOTWW

Whooping cranes over Aransas. Photo by Kevin Sims

We received an email last week from our supporter Ali Forest-Walker. She asked us if it would be okay to hold a fundraiser for Friends of the Wild Whoopers, (FOTWW). Of course we said yes and that we greatly appreciated her efforts to raise funds last year and hope she is successful this year as well.

So to everyone who would like to help Ali reach her $1,000.00 goal in the next nine days for FOTWW please visit her fundraiser and make a donation in any amount. If FOTWW is one of the lucky nonprofits, Facebook will match what is donated.

FOTWW gives a shout out and a special thank you to Ali and her efforts to raise some funds for us and we want to thank everyone beforehand who donates to her efforts. To donate, please click on this link.

***** FOTWW’s mission is to help preserve and protect the Aransas/Wood Buffalo population of wild whooping cranes and their habitat.

Friends of the Wild Whoopers is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

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