Wood Buffalo National Park

Friends of the Wild Whoopers has posted many articles that told about whooping cranes migrating and raising their families on Wood Buffalo National Park. In fact 300 wild whoopers have now migrated from Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Texas and the breeding pairs are currently nesting at Wood Buffalo National Park. This is the only location on earth where a self-sustaining flock of wild whooping cranes nests.

But Wood Buffalo is much more than whooping cranes and we want you to know more about this amazing Canadian national park. This short video showcases Canada’s largest UNESCO world heritage site and national park as well as its oldest northern national park. This has been created from a collection of spectacular images for your viewing enjoyment by the folks who know the place – Parks Canada.

View it on “full screen” to be amazed:  Wood Buffalo National Park 2011 by Parks Canada.


***** FOTWW’s mission is to protect the Aransas/Wood Buffalo population
of wild whooping cranes and their habitat
. *****

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