Wild Whooping Crane News from the Nesting Grounds…

Whooping crane nesting grounds
Wood Buffalo National Park – Photo courtesy of John David McKinnon

Wild Whooping Crane News from the Nesting Grounds…

The following is news courtesy of Wood Buffalo National Park Technician, John David McKinnon,.

“Welcome Home Whoopers!!!

Spring is here and the whooping cranes have begun to return to their nests in and around Wood Buffalo National Park.

Wood Buffalo National Park and the Canadian Wildlife Service are pleased to report the first arrivals of whooping cranes to their nesting grounds in the vast wetlands in northern WBNP. An ongoing telemetry project, a cooperative effort between CWS, Parks Canada and six US-based agencies, has allowed us to see that the cranes first arrived back on April 23rd.”

Long live the Wild Whoopers!”

Friends of the Wild Whoopers (FOTWW) talked about the migration with McKinnon. He explained that “We are always excited when the whooping cranes return to Canada from the U.S. We understand that they had a good winter at Aransas National Refuge and hope the birds will have a productive nesting season at WBNP.”

As of today only a few of the estimated 304 wild whooping cranes have completed their 2,500 mile migration to WBNP from the Texas coast. Others are expected to arrive throughout the month of May. Soon the mated pairs will return to their traditional nesting sites to construct their nest, lay two eggs and hopefully raise twin whooper chicks. Whooping cranes form pair bonds at ages 4 to 5 years and mate for life.

Friends of the Wild Whoopers wishes to thank John for this update on the first arrivals.

 ***** FOTWW’s mission is to protect the Aransas/Wood Buffalo population
of wild whooping cranes and their habitat
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