Whooping Cranes Spotted in North Dakota

Whooping Cranes Spotted in Ward County, ND
Reported by KX News
Whooping cranes spotted in North Dakota.
Whooping cranes spotted in Ward County, ND

Four whooping cranes were spotted in a field southeast of Minot earlier this afternoon in a corn stubble field.

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has warned spring snow geese hunters to make sure they don’t misidentify cranes as geese while hunting this year.

The whooping cranes migrate through North Dakota each spring and fall and are a protected species.

North Dakota Game and Fish ask that anyone who spots whooping cranes to call their department, at 701-328-6300, with sighting information. Reports help biologists locate important whooping crane habitat areas, monitor marked birds, determine survival and population numbers, and identify times and migration routes.

To view video of the cranes, please click here.


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