Whooping Cranes receive check from GoodSearch supporters

Donation check arrives in mail

Whooping cranes receive check from goodsearch_shopEarlier this week, Friends of the Wild Whoopers received a check in the mail from GoodSearch/GoodShop, (GS/GS) for $154.72. That check was earned by 69 loyal supporters who believe in and support FOTWW’s cause and efforts to bring awareness and help to the only remaining natural flock of whooping cranes on earth. To those supporters helping FOTWW using the GoodSearch/GoodShop giving program, we say “Thank You” for your efforts and earning $154.72 for whooping cranes.

FOTWW, is pleased and happy to have received this check. We are a new organization with a small staff who volunteer their time and efforts, rather than receiving a salary. Our budget is tight and this check will be used to continue our goals and efforts. Every penny of it.

Now that our first year in the GoodSearch/GoodShop giving program has ended, we begin a new year with the program. We hope that those 69 GS/GS supporters who supported us will continue to support us and we hope that those who have yet signed up for the GS/GS giving program will sign up and help earn a bigger donation for FOTWW next year, ending September 30, 2016. With GoodSearch, you earn 1¢ for each online search you make and with Goodshop, you hold the power to make a difference with every purchase and earning up to 7% of each online purchase.

Don’t know about the GoodSearch/GoodSearch giving program? Just go to GoodSearch, register for free, designate Friends of the Wild Whoopers as your charity, and then start searching and shopping online. That is all you need to do. Does this sound too good to be true? There are 69 people who have already signed up and are currently using it, and we have a $154.72 check as a result of their efforts.

Won’t you please sign up and give it a try? Help us help the whoopers!

Again, we thank everyone who is participating in this program, we hope others will start participating, and look forward to our second year with GoodSearch/GoodShop.

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***** FOTWW’s mission is to help preserve and protect the Aransas/Wood Buffalo
population of wild whooping cranes and their habitat. *****
Friends of the Wild Whoopers is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.


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