Whooping Cranes in Texas

Whooping Cranes in Texas this past winter.

The natural wild flock of whooping cranes spends the winter on the Gulf Coast of Texas, providing an excellent opportunity for people to see and photograph this endangered species of cranes. This past winter, FOTWW fan Charles Hardin and his wife traveled over 3,100 miles, one way from Bellingham, WA to see these beautiful and magnificent whooping cranes in Texas. One might say that he is a true “craniac”.

If you are one of the many FOTWW followers on our Facebook page, you may have seen several of his photos that he shared with FOTWW. Now that the AWBP is back in the remote part of Canada at Wood Buffalo National Park, and starting their nesting season, news and sightings have become less frequent.

To prevent anyone from having “whooper withdrawal”, Charles was nice enough to share one of his videos that he recorded this past winter while he was staying in Rockport. He mentioned to FOTWW, “I remember while taking this, that I thought by the way the one White Whooper was hanging around, that it must have been last year’s chick.” We think it is a wonderful video and hope that all four whoopers are now safely back at WBNP. We also hope that you enjoy watching it and we would like to thank Charles for sharing this video as well as all his wonderful photos with FOTWW.

Thank you Charles.

Video: Courtesy of Charles Hardin


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