Whooping Crane Videos

Friends of the Wild Whoopers selected four videos to aid our viewers in learning more about whooping cranes and the places they live during winter months. Watch carefully and you will learn how to better identify whoopers and other birds. Hope you enjoy.

Whooping cranes on Texas coast where they live during winter months.
A whooping crane adult pair and their juvenile on Texas coast where they live during winter months.

Whooping Cranes at Aransas Wildlife Refuge – Texas Parks and Wildlife 

The 5-foot-tall whooping crane is the tallest bird in North America and among the rarest. A small but growing flock of whoopers winters on the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, one of the most reliable places in the country to see these unique birds. The video explains problems and needs on Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. Although the video was produced several years ago, the situation is about the same today.



Whooping Whooping Cranes-Texas Parks and Wildlife

Wintering whooping cranes on the Texas coast, foraging and whooping. Excellent photography and interesting whooping crane calls.



Endangered Whooping Cranes – Texas Country Reporter

Only a few hundred whooping cranes exist in the entire world. Tommy Moore and former boat “Captain Ted” will take you on a boat ride to photograph them up close. They have taken thousands of people on trips to see whooping cranes and numerous other species on Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. Enjoy.



Aransas and Matagorda Island National Wildlife Refuges – U.S.F.W.S.

This video describes Aransas and Matagorda island’s wide variety of wildlife, fish and plants. Management practices and general recreational opportunities are explained,


***** FOTWW’s mission is to help preserve and protect the Aransas/Wood Buffalo population of
wild whooping cranes and their habitat
. *****


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