Whooping Crane Grows Up Fast

In late November, Friends of the Wild Whoopers’ (FOTWW) roving reporter, Kevin Sims sent us photos showing a young whooping crane colt and its parents soon after they arrived on Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, (ANWR). They had just completed migrating 2,500 miles from Wood Buffalo National Park, (WBNP) Canada. Even though Kevin didn’t know the gender of this colt, he affectionately named it Junior. Kevin has been able to watch Junior throughout the winter as he matured and learned all the necessary skills to survive in the wild.

Some of the wild flock has begun their 2,500 mile migration back to the nesting grounds at WBNP and soon the rest will follow. Kevin sent us a couple photos of Junior showing how he has grown and matured throughout the winter. In November, his parents would catch blue crabs for him, but now, he is able to catch his own. His parents have taught him well and hopefully, we’ll see Junior back at ANWR next fall. They grow up so fast!

Friends Of The Wild Whoopers thanks Kevin for the “Then” and “Now” photos and we hope you enjoy them. We have.

Junior soon after arriving at AWNR

Whooping Crane
Junior with one of his parents soon after arriving at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. Photo by Kevin Sims

Junior today

Whooping Crane
Junior with his parents on the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. Photo by Kevin Sims


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  1. Interesting story and great photos of Junior and his parents. Friends of the Wild Whoopers is fortunate to have Kevin Sims as a roving reporter. His work causes much happiness in many people.

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