Two Whooping Cranes vs Five Bald Eagles

This video of two whooping cranes vs five bald eagles was recorded Nov 1st in Adams County, Wisconsin by Fuad Azmat. Friends of the Wild Whoopers thanks Fuad for allowing us to share this video with everyone.

It is amazing to watch the video as the two Whooping Cranes stand their ground against five eagles. However, Whoopers are large, powerful birds. They can defend themselves and kill other animals with a sharp strike of their long beak. Some may remember the Whooper Crane pair that reared “Lucky” in Florida’s non-migratory population. Soon after Lucky hatched, a Bald Eagle attempted to catch him. In response Lucky’s parents attacked and almost killed the eagle. Florida wildlife biologists had to take the wounded eagle to the Vet to recover over several weeks. 

So, wild whooping cranes are fully capable of taking care of themselves with one major exception. That exception is human destruction of wetland habitats that the cranes need. Only humans can solve this dilemma.


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