Patuxent Wildlife Research Center to be eliminated

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center to be eliminated

by Friends of the Wild Whoopers Administration

Patuxent Wildlife Research CenterA United States Geological Survey (USGS) document entitled “Program changes” includes budget modifications and requests affecting 40 programs, including endangered Whooping Cranes.

The Whooping Crane Propagation Program at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center will be eliminated entirely (-$1,500,000/-5 FTE). According to USGS: “This will eliminate the largest dedicated captive breeding effort for Endangered Species Act-listed cranes and eliminates capacity within Interior for avian studies that require controlled studies with large, rare birds. According to budget personnel, the program, while providing valuable contributions to whooping crane recovery, is no longer required to meet species recovery goals.” The total USGS wildlife program will be cut by $10,707,000.

Various interests that rely on Patuxent Whooping Cranes for eggs, chicks and research programs are currently looking for other facilities to relocate the birds and equipment.

The budget cuts will reduce research and monitoring of wildlife species managed by Department of Interior and other Federal, State and Tribal agencies including game and waterfowl species pursued by recreational hunters.

The 2018 President’s budget includes $922.2 million for the USGS, a program decrease of $159.6 million over the 2017 Annualized Continuing Resolution and fixed costs of $21.8 million. The 2018 budget request proposes various reductions to 37 of 40 USGS programs, but reflects a commitment to executing core USGS mission responsibilities. The USGS focus continues to be providing impartial scientific data and leading edge research that supports policies and decisions that promote the health, safety, and prosperity of the Nation. With this proposed requested budget, the USGS is reducing or eliminating programs.

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