The Mission: Saving Whooping Crane Habitat

Friends of the Wild Whoopers, (FOTWW) has now begun our mission to help the “wild ones” by protecting their disappearing habitats along the Central Flyway. We have been granted 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Now a three-fold brochure is available describing who we are, our goals, and how you and others can help. The brochure is in PDF format and easy for anyone to print. Please print a few and hand them out to friends and groups that may be interested in supporting FOTWW’s efforts.

The brochure prints on both sides of “letter” size paper. We have a PDF file that contains both the front and back in one file; and we also have separate files of each page. This allows front and the back printing for printers not able to print both sides at once.

If you are interested in helping FOTWW and would like to print out our brochure for passing around, we will gladly email you a copy for printing. Just send us an email request at . Let us know whether you would like the PDF file that contains both the front and back, or the two files containing the front and the back separately.

We have sincerely appreciated your support in the past and we hope that you will continue assisting our quest to help the only remaining wild, self-sustaining flock of whooping cranes on earth. After all, it was man who put the whooping crane in this situation. It is up to man to right the wrong and ensure everything is done to save this majestic bird. YOU can help.

Whooping Crane Chick - whooping crane habitat
Help us save habitat so this whooper chick will have a good chance to survive and have chicks of its own.

Endangered, there is time. Extinct is forever!

Thank you!
Pam Bates, Friends of the Wild Whoopers

***** FOTWW’s mission is to help preserve and protect the Aransas/Wood Buffalo
population of wild whooping cranes and their habitat
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