Keystone XL: Texas turf war

Seems like every day brings a potential new threat to the Aransas/Wood Buffalo population of whooping cranes. Now Friends of the Wild Whoopers (FOTWW) has learn that the infamous Keystone XL Pipeline is going through Julia Trigg Crawford’s ranch in northeast Texas. The pipeline and its several branches generally follows much of the whooping crane migration corridor through Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada and the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Pipelines occasionally have spills and catch on fire. If an oil spill or fire or other tragic events occurred during migration of the whoopers, it could cause havoc. FOTWW views the pipeline as another potential threat to the only remaining self-sustaining whooping crane population on the planet. We invite you to review this video, released by This American Land, about the Keystone XL pipeline and tell us what you think? Please let us know. Thanks. FOTWW

Video >> Keystone XL: Texas turf war


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2 thoughts on “Keystone XL: Texas turf war”

  1. Julia Trigg Crawford’s ranch is just the latest controversy associated with the Keystone XL Pipeline. It has been very controversial for several years. This pipeline and its tar sands is not needed by the U.S. And what is terrible is that they located the pipe line along the whooping crane migration path. It seems like some of the companies are out to eradicate the whoopers. Whether true or not, the results are the same. Hopefully people all over the USA will raise hell with the Obama administration over this project.
    Dorothy McConnell

    • The XL Pipe Line is just bad news all by it’s self little on the fact that it is in the Whoopers migration path. Here in the State of Washington, the logging companies have been held at bay from cutting down trees in the areas of the forest where the endangered Spotted Owls live. Why can we not us the same endangerment of the Whoopers to stop the pipe line?

      Chuck Hardin

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