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Why become a “Friend of the Wild Whoopers”?

The majestic wild Whooping Cranes that nest in Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada and spend their winters on Aransas Wildlife Refuge, Texas coast are endangered. They are the symbol of conservation in North America and they need our help. Actually, whooping cranes are fully capable of taking care of themselves with one major exception. That exception is human destruction of wetland habitats that the cranes need. Only humans can solve this dilemma.

So this is where you can help. Become a “Whooper Friend” and join the effort to acquire essential diminishing habitats. Whooping crane summer nesting habitat on Wood Buffalo is secure thanks to Canadians, so no problem there. The critical need is to secure stopover resting habitats along the 2,500 mile migration corridor and winter habitat around Aransas Refuge.

So, please join with Friends of the Wild Whoopers (FOTWW) and let’s assist the whoopers. We are focusing on acquiring habitat because it is the weak link in the chain for protecting the only remaining wild whooping crane flock on earth. And just think, when we acquire wetlands for whoopers we will also be helping many other wild critters that use the same wetlands.

Have you been fortunate enough to see North America’s largest bird – the whooping crane? If not, we hope you will someday. However, some people who become “Whooper Friends” may never see a whooping crane. Yet, they still become involved because they are aware that these special birds need their support. It’s the spot-on thing to do.

Compassionate people who support charities of all kinds just understand the needs even though they may never become personally involved. So, please become a “Whooper Friend” and donate to a worthy conservation effort. Wetland habitats that whooping cranes need are being lost every day. Humans are destroying these habitats and only humans can protect them.

Become a “Friend”

Become a “Friend” and be a partner of Friends of the Wild Whoopers (FOTWW), a group who cares about the only remaining wild flock of whooping cranes on the planet. Working cooperatively we can maintain a world in which whooping cranes, other wildlife and people can all live. As a “Friend”, you receive the satisfaction of knowing you are helping the endangered whoopers.

All FOTWW staff members donate their time, so none of your contribution is used to pay salaries or benefits. 100% of your donation will be used to carry out the mission of Friends of the Wild Whoopers. FOTWW is a tax exempt 501(c) (3) organization and your fees and extra donations are deductible.

To become a “Whooper Friend” or to donate click on:  Become a “Friend” of the Wild Whoopers.

For those who may not have the means to become a “Whooper Friend” and for those who want a free way to support and help FOTWW, there is Goodsearch. It’s simple way to make a difference — each time you search the web or shop online and it doesn’t cost you anything. To learn more how to support and contribute to FOTWW, click on: Free ways to support FOTWW.


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